Don’t pack to much stuff, this is the tropics, the weather is humid and you’re not going to need a thick jacket and warm clothes. At most you might need something to keep you warm on the plain, bus or train when the air-conditioning is turned up.

A lot of people over pack, save yourself the trouble and if you don’t normally wear it, then don’t pack it. Remember we have a limit of Two Bags per person with a Total Weight Limit of 25 kg / 55 lbs.


  • Helmet – mandatory
  • Cycling gloves
  • Padded cycling shorts at least 2-3 pairs
  • Chamois butter or other lubricant to protect from chaffing inside your shorts
  • Lots of socks and underwear
  • Stiff-soled cycling shoes preferable, although runners will do
  • Comfort shoes/sandals
  • Good quality sunglasses
  • Photo ID
  • Medical insurance card
  • Cash, Traveler’s checks are ok, but cash advance on your ATM Credit Card much easier
  • Camera
  • A hat for days off in the sun
  • Sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher
  • Personal medications and toiletries *
  • Contacts/saline solution or extra pair of eye glasses
  • Journal / writing materials
  • Casual clothes: shorts, t-shirts, tops, jeans, or long pants / long sleeved shirt (for keeping mosquitoes away and the occasional cool evening)
  • Alarm Clock: hotels often forget wake-up calls here in Thailand (really)
* Most toiletries will be included in your hotel room or you can find them at local convenience stores for less than you pay back home.  No need to weigh down your bag with large containers of basic items like shampoo and conditioner.

Using our Rental Bike, then we recommend only…

  • BYO Saddle (optional)
  • BYO Pedals (for clipless pedals/shoes or toe clips users)
  • Bike / Trip Computer

Bring your Personal Bike, we recommend you also pack…

  • Your Bike
  • 2-3 Spare Tubes
  • 1-2 Spare Tires
  • 3-4 Spare Spokes
  • Bike / Trip Computer
  • Any specialty tools that your bike may need that are not common to other bikes

Rain Gear

There is an extremely low chance it will rain, but in the rare case we do get some most riders find it refreshing, warm, and short-lived so rain gear is not recommended.

Laundry Facilities

There will be options depending on the location. Many hotels can do laundry for you but it can be a little expensive and they sometimes have a hard time getting clothes dry before we leave in the morning. Our staff can help with organizing bulk laundry near the hotel every 2-3 days and it is much more reasonably priced.

Bike Boxes

If you are bringing your own bike box you will either need to store it in the airport baggage department in Bangkok or send it from where you start to where you finish. For example, you start in Chiang Mai and brought your bike there in a box you will need to send the box to Bangkok or Phuket, depending where your trip ends. If you use a cardboard bike box, you could dispose of it and then get another one at a local bike shop where you finish your ride.