Every day people around the world ride their bicycles. Whether they ride for transportation, exercise, work, vacation, competition, adventure, or to limit their impact on the environment, millions of people ride their bikes each and every day. Here at Tour de Asia we ride bicycles for many of the same reasons, but more importantly our rides provide an opportunity to improve the lives of everyone involved in our long distance tours and charity events.

The initial concept of riding a bicycle the length of Thailand was devised so that we could see the country and really experience Thailand through all our senses – tasting, seeing, smelling, touching, and hearing.

Of course making a journey of this kind on a bicycle would be personally challenging and gratifying, but why not make it more significant? Do it for a reason, a cause, a real purpose that will change the world for the people that are directly involved, and more importantly, other people who can benefit from our efforts.

After numerous years of participating in charity rides in the U.S., helping local charities, fundraising, advocating, and raising awareness, we thought that it would be pointless to make this epic journey without providing multiple levels of benefit. We want to give riders the time of their lives seeing Thailand in the best way possible while benefitting people in the communities we are visiting.

Tour de Asia is very proud to be working with Operation Smile Thailand and other Operation Smile offices internationally on the Tour de Thailand Charity Rides. We love the work they are doing for children with Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate, and other facial deformities. We raise more and more money each year for this great cause because we are impressed by their strict governance of funds to ensure that the monies they receive are used in the best possible way to provide as many of these life changing surgeries as they can.

If all of us pull together – Operation Smile, Tour de Thailand, Event Sponsors, Riders, Donors, and the Media – we can change the world – One Smile at a Time.