Bangkok to Koh Chang – Approx. 500 miles / 800 kms

  • Enjoy 11 days / 10 nights from May 3 to May 13, 2014
  • Registation fee for the Tour de Thailand from only 1,500 US Dollars [ other currency]
  • Registered riders must meet minimum donation requirements of $1,000 US Dollars [ other currency]

*  We are still putting the final touches on this new and exciting ride along the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.You can rest assured that we will find the best possible routes that are scenic, safe, and enjoyable for all.  As we have found our other rides to be the perfect model, this too will be an 8 Day / 800 KM charity ride with one day before, a day off in the middle, and another day at the end to round it out to the perfect 10 nights / 11 days cycling holiday in Amazing Thailand.

Please contact us or check back later for more information.