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I would like to take a moment to tell you about this amazing experience for a worthy cause. I was persuaded to participate in the Tour de Thailand and the reason I felt compelled to tell this story is this, bicycle tour is an amazing way to see Thailand and to get to know the people and the culture.

I can think of no better way to experience a country and to get to know its people that to see it on a bicycle. Aside from losing 12 pounds in a month, I got accustomed to Thai food, gained a better understanding of the country as a whole, met great people, raised money for a worthy cause and have an experience to carry with me for the rest of my life.

In the end, we raised a lot for Thai charities and will be able to help out around 80 children to have corrective surgeries through Operation Smile.

Michael Conroy, United States of America

I highly recommend Tour de Thailand. First and foremost, Thailand is a fantastic country to visit: the scenery is magnificent and varied, the people are incredibly welcoming and the food is absolutely delicious!

As a cyclist Thailand is also a great country to ride: the roads are in great shape, there is a nice big shoulder on the side of the road and the local drivers are used to bicycles and scooters so they give you a nice wide berth.

Chris and Gae have also done a great job designing a route that is on quiet back roads and has plenty of scenery. As for what you can expect, each day you will get up, enjoy a tasty breakfast and then head off for a few hours of incredible cycling. You will then roll into a new town where a hotel room with your bag will be waiting for you. Then you will have the afternoon to relax, see some more sights, enjoy a massage or do whatever you like!

I loved the tour and I regularly think back on the amazing experience. If you are considering doing the tour I’d be happy to communicate with you to give you a feel for what the event is like.

Pete Madden, Commonwealth of Australia

It was a great trip and it was a privilege to ride with such an interesting and friendly group.
Besides the riders, all the support staff contributed a lot to the smooth operation and sense of fun. Many thanks to Gae, Tai, and the team.

Peter, United Kingdom

This ride is awesome, before I did this tour I had never seen my own country in this kind of way. Everything passes you by in a slow motion, slow enough to see all the things that I have missed travelling by ‘normal’ transport over the years.

It wasn’t an easy ride for a girl who didn’t do very much exercise, but it worth every peddle I did. If you take it at just 25 kms at a time, it can be done, plus Chris and Gae really make it all very easy with all the help you could ever need.

Papatsiri Opasanon, Kingdom of Thailand

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated what you and your team did for not only me personally, but our whole team during the tour.

Time after time again, you and your team were there to help us out in whatever way possible, whether it be fresh water, a bag of ice for my knee, company along the ride, tissues for my tears (and I had some tears) or even just a smile (not forgetting to mention a dancing partner… Gae) to help pull me through. I cannot speak highly enough of what you did. It was the really small things that often went unnoticed that made the ride what it was… truly amazing and a memorable experience for life.

Nadine, Commonwealth of Australia

I am writing to congratulate you and your team on the huge effort you all put into the ride. As you are aware, I have completed two and would like to thank you for the enjoyable time I have had on both rides. Chris, you have made many improvements to the tour this year and I wanted you to know that the hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. I had a wonderful time! I am still overwhelmed with the new and different things I have seen on the tour. I have been traveling to Thailand for several years but I have seen things on your tour that you just don’t see on the average Thai holiday.

I would also like to thank your friendly staff for their assistance and their effort in making the ride enjoyable and comfortable. You staff was always ready at the water stops with a cool drink, a smile, and an offer of something to eat. They were always eager to please and happy to accommodate any requests.

I look forward to seeing some more of Amazing Thailand on the next ride I do in the near future. Thank you once again for the fantastic time on the tour.

Tony, Commonwealth of Australia

We had a great time in Thailand and Cambodia. I do think though that the highlight of the trip was our tour with you and Gae. It really was an amazing adventure, with wonderful food, hospitality, hotels and a diversity of activities.

We had a very memorable time and we will most definitely recommend you to our friends. All in, we thought your tour was wonderful and that you were an excellent host. Your enthusiasm, sense of adventure, flexibility and sincerity made the tour particularly memorable. Thanks for everything!

Russ, United States of America

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you again. I genuinely enjoyed the cycling and greatly appreciated both the trouble that you went to in putting together such a great product and the 24/7 energy and enthusiasm that you put into delivering it. As the man said, Good Job.

Francis, United Kingdom