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The Tour de Thailand Rides are designed to be strenuous but enjoyable adventures through different areas of the Kingdom while we take you on the back roads but also show you some of the touristic highlights of Thailand and the countries unique culture. We don’t want you to pass through Thailand with your head down just trying to get to the hotel each day. We want you to really take it all in and look around while you are riding to truly see Thailand better than any other visitor to the country. We encourage riders to take as many photos as they can and we have more sightseeing involved in the routes than most tour groups get to see. Most riders will share their photos with each other at the end so you will have loads of good pictures and memories of this incredible journey you have made.

Each night we ensure that you stay in comfortable hotels that are always clean with air condition, hot water, and most often have swimming pools. We usually aim for 3-4 star level hotels but in some towns they only have basic accommodations. ALL of our customers have complimented us on how much nicer the hotels were than they had imagined.

When we say that most meals are included, we are referring to Days Off from riding where most participants like to go out on their own or with others of their choosing and eat at a time and place that suits them rather than following the normal routine and eating with the group. Another of our most complimented services is the meals, though breakfasts can be a little challenging at times. Each meal we enjoy tantalizing Thai dishes and we make sure that each rider has had their fill to eat. This is definitely the kind of trip you want to indulge in the food and really enjoy yourself as the food is great and you are getting plenty of exercise each day to help burn off most, if not all, of what you consume.

While alcohol is not included in the tour package, we fully welcome those that like to have a few drinks after a long days ride. Many days after riding we will meet up in the pool to have a few beers before dinner and quite often we head out after dinner as well. We also respect those that don’t consume alcoholic beverages and want them to feel comfortable with the group at all times.

Do you hate changing flat tires? No problem, our staff are more than happy to change them for you and since the bicycle rental comes included with the package price we also include normal wear and tear repairs, tubes, tires, and other parts and accessories. From road racers to casual riders, everyone agrees that our bicycles are perfect for this kind of riding and are in the best condition of any bicycle touring company as we constantly rotate our bikes to make sure they are no more than 2 years old and in excellent condition. Riders are welcome to bring their own bicycles, but in our lengthy past most have admitted that had they known how nice our bikes were and how new and in excellent condition they were they would have preferred to leave theirs at home and use ours. Besides, we have all the spare parts for our bikes and if you bring your own we will expect you to cover those costs. The biggest bicycle challenges we have had are with riders bringing their own bikes and not finding the right parts they needed here. You will love our bikes and we’re confident you will really enjoy not having to travel with yours before, during, and after your trip.

Sample Day on Tour:

Here is what to expect on the Tour de Thailand Rides:

06:00 – Breakfast service starts.
We have to admit that sometimes the breakfasts are a bit basic, but we know what to expect at each hotel and try to spruce it up a bit where needed (yogurt, cereal, etc.).

07:30 – Riders need to have eaten breakfast, checked out of their rooms, have their luggage down to the luggage vehicles, paid for anything they may have charged to their room, and be ready to go by their bikes. There will be ice cold bottled water near the bikes to fill up your water bottles with. The ride leaders will discuss the day’s ride and go over other information.

We may be joined by local riders who come out to show their support and ride us out of town.

08:00 – Roll Off

There will be 2-3 ride leaders (depending on group size) on bicycle marking turns and taking care of riders along the route. There will also be 2-3 support vehicles, 1 leading the ride, 1 floating and helping with turns, and 1 in the rear to help with bicycle maintenance or in case someone needs to get off the bike. Safety is our main concern at all times.

We have designated water stops every 18-28 km where we usually stop for about 15 minutes (measured from the last rider in) at little “Mom & Pop” shops that let us use their toilets and have soft drinks, ice creams, and other snacks for sale. We will have additional plastic chairs for riders to relax on, plenty of chilled watermelon and pineapple, bananas, ice cold bottled water, and other snacks for you to enjoy. We will also have paper towels, hand sanitizer, sunscreen for top-up, mosquito spray, and other amenities at every stop. Our bike mechanic can tend to any bike issues that you may be having as well (usually just seat height adjustment)

Along with the fruit, snacks, and other amenities we have displayed on our table at each water stop there will be a Daily Route Map and Information Display to give you an idea of where you are, how far to the next stop, which stop is lunch, etc.  They look like this:

We will see lots of sights along the way each day but there are also special places we visit by support vehicles at times. On the Daily Route Map above you can see that it is a very short day of riding and we finish in time for lunch at the hotel. We will then get cleaned up and take the support vehicles to an amazing temple.

On most days, we have lunch at designated restaurants along the route (usually between 12:00 and 13:00) with one or two legs left before we get to the hotel.

On the Day Off there will be options for things to do that vary depending on which ride you are on. Some optional activities will include: snorkeling, temple visits, waterfalls, historical parks, museums, boat rides, treks, etc.

13:30 to 16:30 – Is usually the time frame where we will finish cycling for the day depending on the distance and what sights we may have stopped to visit along the way. IF there are any issues with your bike we will ask that you let us know when we arrive so that our mechanic can take care of it that evening. Our support crew will unload the luggage in the lobby and help to expedite check-in.

17:00 to 18:30 – There is almost always time to take a dip in the pool and have a few beers before dinner. On the rare occasion that there isn’t a pool, we will let you know where to meet for those that want to join together for after ride refreshments. We might have local Rotarians visit us at this time or possibly join us for dinner.

19:00 – We will designate the meeting place for dinner each day. Sometimes we will meet in the lobby and walk to a nearby favorite restaurant, or sometimes we will eat in the hotel restaurant.

Most hotels will have pretty good Wi-Fi connections for those that wish to get online. Massage opportunities will vary from town to town depending on where we are.

Meals – We get rave reviews on the lunch and dinner meals we order on our Tour de Thailand Rides and have every reason to believe that the Thai food you get will be one of the highlights of your trip.  All meals are included except for Lunch on your Day Off. We will do our very best to feed you to your heart’s content and we also do our very best to take care of those that have dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten free, religious, or whatever). Most rides will have at least one meal where we have “Western Food” – the pizza and pasta buffet in Ban Krut comes to mind.