What’s Included

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  • 10 Nights shared accommodation – ranging from basic (3 Stars) to the occasional lavish (5 Stars). All of the hotels are clean, comfortable, air-conditioned, with hot water, Wi-Fi, and most have swimming pools.
  • All meals are included – (as mentioned with “B, L, & D” on the itineraries) except for Lunch on the Day Off. Most meals are tantalizing feasts of Thai food with the occasional Western dish here and there. Soft drinks such as sodas, water, coffee, and tea are included as well with each meal. We do our very best to take care of those with Dietary Restrictions (Vegetarians, Religious Restrictions, Allergies, or Whatever).
  • Bicycles – We provide each rider with meticulously maintained “Marin Larkspur CS3” hybrid bicycles that are perfect for the rides we do and the variety of terrain that you will be riding on here in Thailand. Normal wear and tear is included as well as basic maintenance. You won’t even have to change your own tire in case of a flat. You are welcome to bring your own seat, pedals, or other accessories if you like and our mechanics are happy to install them for you.
  • Tour de Thailand Jerseys, Polo Shirt, and Water Bottle – We will include (2) premium quality Tour de Thailand bicycle jerseys, a Polo Shirt, and a Tour de Asia water bottle. There may be some other promotional materials, such as arm sleeves to help protect from the sun, depending on what level of sponsors we can come up with each year.
  • Ice Cold Bottled Water electrolyte mix, and fresh fruit (watermelon, pineapple & bananas) will be served at all water stops along with other treats here and there. Water stops usually have places you can purchase additional items if you choose. Some favorites include “Magnum” ice cream bars by Walls, fried bananas, Coke or Pepsi, and Lay’s or Pringle’s potato chips.
  • Support Vehicles, Ride Leaders, and Support Crew – There will always be a lead vehicle and rear support vehicle with additional vehicles depending on the number of riders. There will also be at least one Ride Leader on bicycle with the group. Each support vehicle will have water, first aid kits, tool kits, and basic spare parts in case they are needed along the route.
  • Tour Guide and Translators– Licensed Tourism Authority of Thailand Tour Guide and Thai/English translators will be leading each ride.
  • Thai Tour Insurance– We will have each rider covered with basic tour insurance during the ride but we do require every participant to have International Travel Insurance to make sure they are covered at an international standard before, during, and after the ride.
  • Information Packet– Each registered rider will get more detailed information to assist in training, fundraising, travel planning, and more about the rides. Riders will be expected to get to Thailand and the designated starting point of each ride as well as get from the finish point back home. We will give you many details and options to help you get to and from the rides as well as help riders plan extended travel if they desire (we are a tour company after all).

NOT Included:

  • Airfare to and from Thailand– as well as transport within Thailand to the starting point and finish point of each Tour de Thailand Ride. (We will help with additional information and options)
  • Visas– Most international visitors will get Visa On Arrival.
  • International Travel Insurance– (required)
  • Accommodations before and after– the tour itinerary (we are happy to help)
  • Bike Accessories– pedals/special shoes, personal saddles, bike computers, etc. (if you bring we are happy to install)
  • Alcoholic Beverages – There will be some times that local beers are included (usually opening and closing dinner parties).
  • Massage – Opportunities for massage will vary from town to town but do make sure you give it try when you have a chance.
  • Tips/Gratuities – We know you will appreciate the efforts, sacrifices, and lengths that the support crew go to for each and every rider on the Tour de Thailand Rides. There will be an opportunity to leave the crew a tip at the end of your tour.